Saturday, 31 October 2015

Let’s make a little journey!

Overwhelming Paris

I will tell you one secret: I have a dream to visit all interesting places in the world. Of course, you will be right if you tell me that every city is beautiful in its own way, so by now I want to see all exciting sights that are popular now. My latest discovery is Paris; I wanted to visit this town for many years, but I was a bit afraid to do it. I know, this is kind of stupid, but I think that Paris is one of the most impressive places in the world, so you should be completely ready to everything. I was full of impressions:
·         The architecture is very special; everyone knows the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, but you can’t imagine how gorgeous they look in real life!
·         Its people are very different from ours, they seems to be happier than anyone from my native town.
·         The impeccable French cuisine is something very extraordinary! I like French national dishes, but I understood their rich taste only after visiting Paris.
·         I enjoyed portrait, landscape and cityscape art in famous Louvre; oh I couldn’t say a word after leaving all those masterpieces behind.
So many impressions, so little time to express them!

My favorite cityscape: modern art that will steal you heart!

There, in Paris, I came across a painting that touched my heart, so I asked my guide about the author of that masterpiece, and got the answer – Leonid Afremov. I was impressed by the artwork, and when I came back home, I decided to get to know more about him. He is one of the best cityscape artists, and he has his own online gallery. If you have never heard this name, it’s the time to fill the gap. This artist travels all over the world in order to find new impressions and develop his painting career. He visited France a few times, and it inspired him to a series of canvases that are dedicated to Paris. I am waiting now for the painting Paris of my dreams, I ordered it a couple of days ago. This cityscape enchanted my heart because the Eiffel Tower, its golden reflection in the water and the night sky that is iridescent, and remind about wonderful weekend there. It was a love at first sight, and you will also like it!

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